Having started to manufacture yarns in the early 1983, Murat Yapı combined its past experience with its innovative and research-oriented approach and now manufactures yarns with 100% cotton mélange, cotton – polyester mélange, polyester-viscose mélange, 100% viscose mélange mixtures as well as yarns with cotton-polyester mixture. Murat Yapı is established on an open area of 135 acres and a closed area of 75 acres. Thanks to the new investments the Company made in the last year to its current plants; it leveraged its manufacturing capacity by the newest technology and enchanced the quality for higher standards.

800 persons are employed in our plant located in Edirne. In addition to new recruitments, the experienced staff members were retained.

Murat Yapı, thanks to the responsibility conferred by the quality and diversity, has a wide range in the classical yarn manufacturing. As a specialized firm in yarn mixture, Murat Yapı maintains its leading position in melange yarn with cotton, polyester viscose mixture. Mélange yarn is recognized in the market only when it is used under the brand of Murat Yapı. The mission of our company is to create employment opportunities to support the enhancement of social welfare and perform quality productions based on principles, which ensure productivity. And our vision is to establish a reliable, leading and sample administrative structure.